4 Alternative Heating Fuel Sources For A Home


Most heating systems in homes use electricity or gas as their primary energy source. This often leads to high energy bills as a result, even though they are traditional options that most homeowners are used to having. One way you can save a lot of money on energy is to use an alternative fuel source for your heat. They can be just as effective as electricity or gas, providing your home with the warmth that you need.

Wood Burning Boiler

When people think of a boiler that is used to heat a home, most think of ones that use gas or oil as the main fuel source. There is an alternative boiler that can provide heat that uses firewood instead. This is great for those that live in rural areas, where firewood is readily available. The boiler will have a lower operating cost compared to gas or oil, and can be very efficient with gasification technology that can reduce emissions and get more BTUs from the wood.

Biomass Furnace

Biomass furnaces use organic waste for the primary fuel source. This is an alternative to an outdoor boiler, especially for those that do not have easy access to firewood. The cost to operate a biomass furnace is very low, and it can use fuel from all sorts of places. For instance, lawn waste, wood chips, and dry corn can be used with biomass furnaces. Check with an HVAC contractor about what a biomass furnace can use as a fuel source and if that fits within your lifestyle.

Passive Solar Heat

A passive solar heat system is another way you can reduce energy costs, but it is often used in conjunction with a second heating system. The solar collectors will circulate the air inside them until it gets hot, and then the air is blown into the home using fans.

Active Solar Panels

Active solar panels are becoming a popular way to get alternative energy to heat your home. Solar panels collect energy from the sun, which is then used to heat air or water to keep your home warm. It still requires an additional energy source as a backup method, since cloudy days can limit the amount of solar energy the panels take in. However, it will lower energy bills when the system can run completely on solar energy.

For help having any of these systems installed in your home, work with a local HVAC contractor from a company such as Ricotta Heating & Air.


21 March 2017

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Last winter, I became frustrated with how often our home was chilly and uncomfortable. It was really devastating to deal with the prospect of trying to stay warm at night and during the chilly days, but I realized that it might have something to do with our HVAC system. Instead of ignoring the issue, I decided that it might be best to contact a professional to check our system out. When the expert came out, he went through our machinery and found several issues. When it was fixed, the difference was amazing. Read more on this blog to find out how to improve your home heating system.