3 Important Steps To Get Your Gas Furnace Ready For Summer


Do you own a home with a gas heater or furnace? Are you getting ready to completely turn it off for the year now that spring has arrived? Just as you may need to winterize an air conditioner once cool weather hits, there are things that you should do to get your heater or furnace ready for the summer. Failing to do these things may mean that your heater or furnace will not turn on once cold weather hits. Some of the things that need to be done include:

Clean around the unit: Having dirt, dust, cobwebs, and larger debris around your furnace or heater can be a fire hazard. In addition, being unable to access or view certain sides of the furnace can make it harder to spot any potential issues before they become a serious problem. For example, a thick layer of dust may obscure oxidation that needs to be removed or otherwise remedied in order to prevent future damage to your furnace unit.

Ideally, you should probably clean out around your furnace at least three times a year: once in the autumn, before starting the unit up for the year, once mid-way through winter, and then again when getting your furnace ready for summer. A clean and well-maintained furnace is going to be less trouble later on.

Change filters: Leaving dirty filters in your heating system over the summer months is a bad idea. If it gets humid, the dirt can cause mold and mildew to start growing on the filter. Even if you're not allergic to mold and mildew, this can still seriously impact the indoor air quality in your home. And by changing the filter now, you also won't be forgetting to remove a dirty filter once cool weather comes around again. You could completely remove the filter or filters, but then you run the risk of forgetting to reinstall any filters when the system starts running again. 

Call a service professional: With a gas furnace, you should definitely get a tune-up from a company, such as A-1 American Services, that also offers plumbing services in addition to other heating and cooling-related services. Not only can the technician give your furnace a tune-up, but he or she can also inspect the gas lines leading up to the furnace itself. Heating and cooling systems that don't offer plumbing services aren't going to have employees who are qualified to inspect gas pipelines, so if you have one of those companies tune-up your furnace then you'll have to pay a separate service call to have a plumbing professional come out to check your gas pipes. 


4 April 2017

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