Help An Aging Furnace Make It Through One Last Winter


If your furnace has begun to show its age, you know replacing it is likely the best option. But replacing a furnace is not cheap! If you don't quite have the money for a new one yet, there are some ways you can help your struggling furnace make it through one last winter with a lower risk of breakdowns.

Change the filter.

If you don't have a brand new air filter in your furnace, take the time to buy one. It's so much easier for your furnace to blow air through a clean filter than through a dirty one. New filters only cost a few dollars at a hardware store. Buy a couple and keep them on hand so you can slide a new one in each month and keep your furnace going strong.

Clean the burner.

The cleaner your furnace, the more efficiently it will run -- and the less likely it will be to break down. Turn the power and gas supply off to your furnace, and remove the front cover. If you can access the burner without taking anything else apart, just wipe it down with a damp cloth. Let it dry, and then replace the cover and restore gas/power to the furnace.

If you can't locate the burner easily, you can hire an HVAC specialist to come clean your furnace. This is a fast job and will cost a lot less than repairing the furnace if it should fail due to operating with a layer of dust on the burner.

Turn the thermostat down.

The less your furnace has to work, the better. So, turn your thermostat down a few degrees, and make this the winter you adapt to a lower temperature. Many people can keep their homes at 60 or 62 degrees and not feel too chilly if they layer on a few sweaters. Of course, you can be even more extreme than this is you wish, but do keep your home heated to at least 55 so your pipes don't freeze.

Open all the vents.

When you close some of your vents, you create resistance to the airflow through the ducts. This may cause your furnace's blower motor to work harder. So, for the time being, open all of your heating vents to be a bit nicer to your aging furnace. When you replace the furnace, you can close certain vents again if you wish.

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13 April 2017

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