Don't Take A Pass On The Maintenance: Why Your Heater Needs A Tune-Up Before Winter Arrives


You know your car needs a tune-up, but did you know your heater needs one too. Just like your car needs a tune-up to keep it running smoothly, so does your heater. In fact, without an annual tune-up, your heater could leave you out in the cold next winter. If you're not sure why your heater needs a tune-up, here are four reasons for you to consider.

Protects Your Family

If you're wondering why your heater needs that tune-up, look no farther than your family. You might not realize this, but those annual tune-ups can prevent exhaust fires, and carbon monoxide leaks. Not sure how that's possible? It's quite simple. During the annual tune-up, your repair technician will clean the blower compartment to remove dirt and debris that's collected around the heating unit. Your repair technician will also inspect the hoses, and fittings to ensure that there are no leaks, and no threat of overheating, which can also lead to carbon monoxide leaks.

Reduces Your Heating Bills

If your heater is dirty, and missing out on it's annual tune-up, it's probably not operating as efficiently as it should be. That means, you're going to be paying for it in the form of higher heating bills this winter. If you want to keep your heating bills at a manageable rate this winter, you need to schedule a tune-up for your heater before the temperatures turn cold.

Preserves Your Warranty

Like your car, if your heater isn't properly maintained, your warranty might not be honored. While your heater is under warranty, the maintenance history will be examined each time you require work that would be covered. If you haven't provided proper maintenance, including those annual tune-ups, you might be left with out-of-pocket repair costs; costs that would have been covered had your heater been properly maintained. Don't miss out on your warranty coverage. Schedule a tune-up before winter arrives.

Prevents Unexpected Breakdowns

There's nothing worse than having your heater break down in the middle of winter. Not only are you left in the cold, but you may end up waiting a while to get repairs, especially if everyone else in town is having problems with their heaters at the same time. Scheduling a tune-up will not only ensure that your heater is clean, it will also ensure that mechanical issues are caught in time to fix them before winter arrives.

Don't be left waiting for last-minute repairs. Contact an HVAC technician, such as Dalton Heating & Air Conditioning, and schedule a tune-up for your heater.


7 September 2017

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