How To Improve The Efficiency Of A Window Air Conditioning Unit


Window air conditioners are designed to provide cooling to the room that they are installed in, and are the go-to cooling solution for smaller homes and apartment buildings in which a central air conditioner would be impractical or impossible to install. In order to maximize the efficiency of your window unit, there are a handful of tips and tricks that you should implement.

Higher Fan Settings

Most air conditioning units have two separate settings, one for the actual cooling and one for the fan to blow that cool air throughout the air. If you want to maintain a cool temperature in a specific room, but want to lower your electricity bill at the same time, you may want to reduce the cooling setting on your air conditioner by a few degrees, and boost the fan setting to a higher speed. This can improve the overall efficiency of your unit while also saving you a little bit of money each month.

Check the Vents

Make sure that the vents on your window air conditioner are pointing to the middle of the room. Having them shoot air to the side of the room (or up towards the ceiling or down at the floor) means that you won't be feeling the full effect of the cool air, while still paying full price on your energy bills.

Check the Filter

Similar to the above point, be sure that you check your window air conditioner's filter every so often. Your filter should be relatively clear of other dust and debris in order for the unit to operate as efficiently as possible: a clogged filter will slow down air flow and increase the overall amount of stress that your air conditioner experiences. Not only will this ruin the comfort levels in your apartment, but it will also increase the amount of money that you'll be paying each month for electricity as your air conditioner is working harder and longer to produce the same amount of cool air.

Use the Timer

Most newer air conditioners have a timer installed on them, and they can be the best way to improve the overall efficiency of your units. Timers can allow you to have your air conditioner only run right before you are about to come home, and can be set to shut the unit off automatically when you leave – reducing the amount of time that the unit is running when you are not around, which can be a huge waste of energy.

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23 September 2017

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