Three Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner's Air Flow Is Weak


One minute it seems like your air conditioner is keeping you cool and the next it seems like there just isn't enough air circulating around your home. Poor air circulation can cause uneven cooling in your home and may result in your machine breaking down sooner than expected. Here are three reasons why your air conditioner's air flow is weak and what you can do to resolve the issue.

Problematic Air Filters

The most obvious reason your air conditioner's airflow sucks is because of issues with your air filter. The air filter is designed to capture particulates and other contaminants in the air to improve indoor air quality. Because of this, the air filter must be cleaned on a regular basis; otherwise, it will become clogged and severely restricts the air flow.

It should be noted, though, the filter itself can also cause problems, particularly if you get the wrong one for your unit. Some filters are designed to capture every contaminant in the air. However, this overzealousness may result in the filter being too thick. It may immediately reduce airflow from the moment you install it in your appliance or significantly decrease the amount of air that can get through after a short time of using it because of the high amount of particulates it catches.

The first thing you should check is that the air filter is clean. If that's not the problem, then make sure the filter is the correct size and type for your machine. Your owner's manual will typically list the best ones for your air conditioner. You can always purchase an air purifier to supplement your air conditioner's filtering capabilities if you're not satisfied with how clean your A/C unit gets the air.

Damaged or Blocked Ducts

Another reason the air flow in your home may suddenly decrease is because the ducts carrying the air into your house is damaged or blocked. There are numerous ways this can happen. For instance, it's not unusual for animals to find their way past broken vents and die in the ductwork. You can usually tell this is the case because there will be a bad smell wafting throughout your home whenever you turn the air conditioner on.

However, your ducts can deteriorate over time due to moisture (e.g. sweating duct syndrome due to high humidity), environmental elements (e.g. earthquakes), and general neglect. Your air conditioner can contribute to the problems in your ducts. For instance, newer air conditioners tend to cool air colder than necessary, causing condensation to form on the metal. If this happens often enough, the ducts start to rust and fall apart.

To fix this problem, inspect your ducts (or have a professional do it) and clean and repair them as necessary. Be sure to patch any damage vents to prevent animals from entering your home and causing problems in the future.

Blower Issues

A third issue is the blower—the part that actually moves air through the ducts and into your home—may not be functioning. You can usually tell this is the problem if you turn your air conditioner on but you can't hear the fan turning or the hum of the motor.

Blowers stop working for a couple of reasons. It could be the motor that operates the fan is dirty and the dust is causing it to overheat or clogging important components. In this case, open your air conditioner, find the motor, and clean it.

If that's not the problem, another issue is the blower could have shorted out. Check all the connections and wires attached to the motor. If they appear to be in good repair and working, then the motor itself may need to be replaced.

For help diagnosing why the air flow in your home is suddenly bad or get assistance fixing your air conditioner, contact a local A/C repair company like Air Time Heating & Cooling.


17 October 2017

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