How To Check And Replace Your Condenser Hose


If you have a home with central air conditioning, you obviously know how great it can be on those hot summer days. You also know how devastating it can be when you get those large electricity bills at the end of the month. This article focuses one things that you should clean if you are trying to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning appliances.

The Condenser Hose

One of the most important parts of your AC system is the condenser hose. This is a small hose that connects the back of your AC unit to your duct system. The condenser hose is also very fragile. It is often overlooked since it is located in the small gap between the AC unit and the walls of your house. So, it is hard to see and easy to forget about. Therefore, homeowners hardly check on it.

What Can Go Wrong With the Condenser Hose

There are quite a lot of things that can go wrong with a condenser hose. First of all, it can become detached at either end. This is actually very common, especially in regions where it snows. If you have snow buildup putting weight on your hose during the winter, it could shift around and become dislodged, even when the snow melts. There is also a chance that rodents could chew through this hose, or things can fall and puncture the actual hose. Whether your hose is disconnected or has holes in it, it is going to seriously affect your airflow. Basically, some of the cold air that your AC unit is producing, is going to go directly outside. It is very wasteful and expensive.

Check and Replace Your Hose If Necessary

So, it is a good idea to go check the status of your condenser hose right now. Chances are, you probably haven't checked it or even thought about it for several years. It is best if you do this check while your AC system is running. This way you can hold your hand in the area and see if you notice any air flowing.If you do need to replace your condenser house, you should also replace the hose clamps at both ends. It isn't worth wasting your time trying to tape or seal a punctured hole in your hose. They are so cheap and easy to replace that it's just more practical to buy a completely new one and install it yourself.

This is just one maintenance job that could solve problems you are having with an inefficient system. For more information, contact companies like Custom Heating &  Air Conditioning LLC.


1 March 2018

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