Preventing Major Central Air Conditioner Problems


A central air conditioning system can develop numerous problems that cause it to malfunction if occasional maintenance isn't performed. Even if the system continues to work without maintenance, it will become less energy-efficient and more expensive to run. If you have been running your air conditioner all day in order to achieve a satisfactory temperature in your house, it is time to find out if the system is in need of a professional inspection. Pushing problems aside is a bad idea because you will eventually have a system that doesn't work at all. The content below explains problems that can be prevented if the parts to an air conditioning system are taken care of.

The Recirculation of Heat into a House

Central air conditioning systems are able to produce cold air due to coolant as well as the evaporator and condenser coils. The condenser coil plays a role in cold air production by getting rid of what is removed via coolant. Basically, heat will recirculate into your house and cause cooling problems without a functional condenser coil. The coil makes it possible for the heat to travel to the outside of your house rather than mixing with the cool air on the inside when the air conditioner is running. Get the condenser coil inspected for cracks, dirt, leaves, and anything that can prevent it from functioning.

Abnormal Action from the Thermostat

Preventative maintenance is a good way to keep up with how well your thermostat works. Each time routine maintenance is performed by a technician, he or she can inspect your thermostat for calibration issues. The reason you should be concerned about the calibration of your thermostat is because it has to do with its ability to set accurate temperatures and turn the system on or off. A technician will set the thermostat to various temperatures to observe for abnormal fluctuations. Recalibration is usually helpful and prolongs the life of the thermostat, but sometimes a new one is needed.

Using a Substantial Amount of Energy 

Most models of central air conditioning systems are able to produce satisfactory temperatures without consuming a lot of energy in the process. A system that consumes abnormal amounts of energy might need a thorough cleaning that can only be done with commercial supplies. Dirt is one of the main culprits that causes an air conditioner to run inefficiently. Parts of concern that should be cleaned during preventative maintenance include the coils, air handler assembly, and ducts.

If your air conditioner needs repair or replacement, contact an HVAC contractor near you. 


30 June 2018

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