3 Tips To Help You Pet-Proof Your Plumbing


Many families share their home with a pet. Many of these pets are dogs. While having a dog can be very rewarding, pets have the potential to wreak havoc on your home's plumbing system.

Before you bring your new dog home (or allow your dog to spend time inside your home), take the time to pet-proof your plumbing against the potential damage a dog might cause.

1. Cover Exposed Pipes

It should come as no surprise to learn that many dogs chew. Some dogs chew out of anxiety, others chew as a way to help expel excess energy and stimulate the teeth and gums. No matter why your dog chews, it can be disastrous if that chewing is directed toward your plumbing.

Exposed pipes made from PVC can be chewed through by large dog breeds. You should cover exposed pipes with specialized plumbing insulation to prevent your exposed pipes from becoming the object of your dog's chewing activities.

2. Give Baths Outdoors

Dogs can get into some pretty dirty situations. When your canine companion is covered in mud and dirt, you will need to give him or her a bath to help eliminate dirt and debris from your pet's coat. It's important that you complete your bathing activities outdoors.

As you rinse your pet, excess fur will be rinsed out along with the mud in your pet's coat. Allowing fur to travel down your drains could result in serious clogs that will prevent your drains from functioning properly. Bathing your dog outside will prevent fur-clogged drains from becoming a serious problem in your home.

3. Install Drain Strainers

Dogs can shed significantly throughout the day. The shedding fur from an indoor dog will eventually settle on the surfaces within your home -- including inside your drains. You should add a drain strainer to all of the exposed drains in your home.

These drain strainers act as a protective covering that prevents dirt and debris from finding its way into your drain pipes. You can avoid unexpected clogs that are caused by an accumulation of dog fur within your drains when you protect your sinks, showers, and bathtubs with a drain strainer.

Having a dog in your home doesn't have to cause you plumbing problems in the future. A few simple precautions can help you protect your exposed pipes and drains against pet damage to ensure your plumbing system remains efficient and functional well into the future. For more information, contact a company like L.J. KRUSE COMPANY.


8 September 2018

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