Furnace Troubleshooting: What To Examine


Furnaces have the responsibility of heating every room in the house. It's a big job, but usually your furnace will be able to handle it without attention from anyone. However, if you're hearing peculiar sounds or the heating isn't as strong as you feel it should be, attention becomes necessary. But when you're having such problems, what should you be examining?

Electrical Supply

A rather common situation is that something is interfering with the electrical power heading to the furnace. That something could be multiple new electronic devices in the house that are using the electricity or something with the furnace itself. For more information, look into the home's main electrical panel for clues. If you clearly notice that the circuit leading to the furnace has been tripped or interfered with in some way, you can work on flipping the switch or replacing the fuse to get the furnace on again. However, if nothing seems amiss, an electrician might need to ensure that your home's electrical supply is sufficient to run everything you need electricity for, including the furnace.


The thermostat is likely to be something you always take for granted. Once you set the temperature in you house, it may seem obvious that the thermostat will send a signal to the furnace to heat up the space. However, something as simple as an old battery can interfere with the thermostat's ability to send such information to the furnace. When did you last even see a battery? If no one in the family can remember, it's not unusual that you probably need to get a new battery and insert it. Then try again; you may discover that the furnace works perfectly.


The furnace blower is responsible for taking the heated air and pushing it into the ducts and into your rooms. There are times when the blower is clogged for various reasons, and you should definitely be visualizing it so that you can handle the clog and allow the blower to function freely. You may need to use one of your old, unused toothbrushes to brush the area clean. One reason for a clogged blower is the filter; if the filter has torn, replacing that part will ensure no further problems with the blower.

If furnace trouble seems more and more frequent, your unit may require more professional attention. A professional company can assess and investigate the machine so they can ultimately provide any pertinent furnace repairs.


31 May 2019

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