What To Expect During A Home Air Conditioning Installation


You might have already gotten a free quote for a home air conditioning installation, and you could be looking forward to your installation appointment. Right now, though, you might not really know what to expect. Of course, things vary from one air conditioning installation company to another, and each project varies a little bit, too. These are some of the things that you may want to expect when having an air conditioning installation done in your home.

Expect for Installation to Take All Day

First of all, realize that installing an air conditioning system is actually a time-consuming job in many cases. If you want to ensure that the job is done right, you should be patient and should be prepared for your installation crew to spend several hours on the installation of your unit. If possible, it is best to set aside the majority of the day for this project. For particularly big jobs, such as if you are having multiple units or zones installed in a bigger home, the crew might even have to come back the second day to complete the installation process.

Realize That Contractors Will Need Room to Work

Be prepared for your contractors to need room to work. First of all, your installation crew will probably need space in your driveway for parking their trucks or vans and moving equipment in and out of their vehicles. Additionally, make sure that the installers can move around in your home to get the new system installed. Consider putting extra furniture, valuables or other items that might be in the way or that might be at risk of being damaged.

Expect to Be Asked to Put Pets Away

Your air conditioning installation crew might ask you to put your pets away while your new system is being installed. Naturally, your installers probably do not want to worry about being bitten or scratched while working in your home. Additionally, they could be concerned about a human or pet being injured if your pets are underfoot, or they could be worried about a pet getting out of the house while they are moving equipment and supplies in and out.

Realize That it Could Be a Noisy Job

Although installing a new air conditioning system in the home might not seem like a noisy job, it can be. Be prepared for a bit of beating and banging throughout the day while your installers are attempting to get the job done.


30 December 2019

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