The Basics Of Air Conditioner Preparation And Maintenance


When it comes to spring and summer home maintenance and preparations, one of the things that can often be overlooked is the central air conditioning system. Unfortunately, when you neglect to maintain your home's central air conditioner, you end up with an air conditioning system that is either inefficient or doesn't function at all. Here are a few things that you should discuss with your local air conditioning services technician.

Air Filter Replacement

You might think of air filters as solely something designed to protect the air in your home. However, the filter in your air conditioner actually protects the air conditioner itself from damage caused by particles in the air.

Any time your air conditioner draws air in, that air contains dust particles and all sorts of other contaminants. Those contaminants get trapped in the air filter, preventing them from reaching the coils and causing buildup or damage.

When you don't replace the filter on a regular basis, air won't flow adequately through your air conditioner. This causes the system to work harder than it should, potentially leading to premature failure. Make sure that you talk to your AC services technician about how often you should replace the filter and ask him or her to show you the proper way to change the filter in your unit.

Condensate Drain Cleaning

One of the key components of how an air conditioner works is the fact that it draws moisture out of the air as it cools it. This leads to condensation building up and draining out of the machine. The condensate drain is the path created for that moisture to drain out. When it gets clogged, moisture doesn't drain and instead builds up inside the air conditioner.

You should know where the condensate drain is and keep the area clear of any kind of debris, including leaves and other objects. Check the drain itself to be sure that water is flowing as it should be. If not, it may be clogged. Your AC services technician can clean the drain line for you by doing a thorough flush. This will restore its operation.

Maintain The Condensing Coils And Refrigerant

The refrigerant flows through the condensing coils to cool the air and draw moisture out of it. When the condensing coils get dirty, they cannot work efficiently. If the refrigerant levels are low, the condensing coils cannot work efficiently. 

Your AC services technician will do a thorough cleaning of the unit once a year, and this cleaning will include the condensing coils. Once everything is clean, he or she will test the refrigerant pressure to ensure that you have adequate refrigerant in the system. If the pressure is low, your technician can also test the unit for a leak and address the problem if there is one.

These are some of the most important parts of keeping your home's central air conditioner functioning. Talk with an AC services technician near you today for more information.


7 April 2020

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