Don't Let Holiday Lighting Compromise Your Home's Electrical System


With the holidays quickly approaching, many homeowners are getting excited about decorating their homes, lawns, and fences with twinkling lights. Adding lights, blow up figurines, and other festive holiday decor to your yard an quickly propel you to the top of the neighborhood's best-decorated list, but these added electrical features can also put a strain on your home's electrical system. Here are three tips to keep in mind when hanging holiday lights to ensure your festive decor doesn't leave you with major electrical problems in the future.

30 November 2017

Three Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner's Air Flow Is Weak


One minute it seems like your air conditioner is keeping you cool and the next it seems like there just isn't enough air circulating around your home. Poor air circulation can cause uneven cooling in your home and may result in your machine breaking down sooner than expected. Here are three reasons why your air conditioner's air flow is weak and what you can do to resolve the issue. Problematic Air Filters

17 October 2017

How To Improve The Efficiency Of A Window Air Conditioning Unit


Window air conditioners are designed to provide cooling to the room that they are installed in, and are the go-to cooling solution for smaller homes and apartment buildings in which a central air conditioner would be impractical or impossible to install. In order to maximize the efficiency of your window unit, there are a handful of tips and tricks that you should implement. Higher Fan Settings Most air conditioning units have two separate settings, one for the actual cooling and one for the fan to blow that cool air throughout the air.

23 September 2017

Don't Take A Pass On The Maintenance: Why Your Heater Needs A Tune-Up Before Winter Arrives


You know your car needs a tune-up, but did you know your heater needs one too. Just like your car needs a tune-up to keep it running smoothly, so does your heater. In fact, without an annual tune-up, your heater could leave you out in the cold next winter. If you're not sure why your heater needs a tune-up, here are four reasons for you to consider. Protects Your Family

7 September 2017

Remove A Carpenter Bee Nest From Your A/C Condenser Unit's Exterior Before Cleaning The Unit


If a carpenter bee nest is attached to your outdoor air conditioner's condenser unit, removing it will prevent blockages inside of the unit, which could interrupt airflow in your home. The following steps describe how to safely destroy bees and remove the hive before cleaning the condenser unit. Maintain the unit to prevent pests from building a nest on the unit's exterior again. Materials You Will Need gloves large net or fabric mesh drop light powder pesticide spray pesticide rake broom cordless drill screwdriver waterproof cloth hose coil cleaning agent wire brush detergent cloths sponge shop vacuum cleaner tarp Eliminate The Carpenter Bees And Hive

18 August 2017

3 Keys to Home AC Repair and Maintenance


If you want your home to stay comfortable, you'll need to take it upon yourself to make maintenance and repair a top priority. If you need the best performance out of your air conditioner, it is crucial that you figure out some of the most important steps to take. Think about the tips below and contact a high-quality HVAC professional that will serve you.  Change out the cabin filters If your air conditioner begins to give you issues, the first thing you should check on is the cabin filter.

7 August 2017

Your Ineffective AC Might Need A New Capacitor Or Contactor


When an AC unit fails, the problem may turn out to be a part that is surprisingly inexpensive. After your AC unit is five years old or older, you may even wish to purchase these parts before they even need to be replaced so that these parts do not fail and cause you to be without your air conditioner for awhile. Two parts that often need to be replaced are the capacitor and contactor.

7 August 2017

3 Tips For Buying Home Heating Oil This Winter


In order to get the best from your household in the winter months, you'll need to get your hands on the best home heating oil. This is a heating source that you can get delivered by a professional. Before you place an order, you will need to know a little bit more about the advantages of home heating oil and how you can make the right purchase. To learn about this process, think about the following suggestions.

27 July 2017

3 Ways To Reduce Your Cooling Costs This Summer


If you feel like your air conditioning bills are out of control, here are three ways that you can work to reduce your heating costs this summer. #1 Check The Location Of Your Thermostat First, check where your thermostat is located. If your thermostat is located somewhere where it is being hit with direct sunlight, this can mess up the reading on your thermostat. For your thermostat to work effectively, you want it to be away from windows and doors.

14 July 2017

Sensible Strategies For Designing Your Ducts


Air ducts are an essential part of an HVAC system. Some ducts are installed all over the place and can have a negative impact on the efficiency of your HVAC system. These ducts will also take up unnecessary space in your home. Therefore, it is important to understand the essentials of good HVAC design to prevent this from happening. Minimize Wasted Space One of the keys of great duct design is reducing the amount of space that the ductwork will take up.

27 June 2017