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Texas Specialty Fasteners supplies a multitude of cutting and threading tools. We supply Import, as well as domestic cutting tools and can acquire most any product in a few as 1-2 days, if not in stock. Dies and taps with semi to non-standard threads can be made to your needs in short order. Please reach out to us for any your cutting tool needs.

Jobber Length
Screw Machine Length
Reduced Shank
Silver & Deming
Drill Sets
SDS Hammer Concrete
Nut Setters
Taps & Dies
Mag Drill Bits
Annular Cutters
Spline Shank Masonry Bits
Aircraft Length
Black & Gold
Solid Carbide
135* Split Point
Tile Drills
Glass Drills
Rebar cutters
Left Hand
M-7N Heavy Duty
Spotting & Centering Drills
Tin Coated
Double & Single end Sheeter Drills
Step Drills
Hammer Drill Tools and Chisels
Ship Auger Bit
Paddle Bit
Taps in Bottom, Plug & Taper
Spiral Point Plug Taps
NPT Taps **Pipe Taps
Metric Taps and Drills
Special Threads****
Dies in Round or Hex
Countersinks & Deburring tools
Carbide Burrs