Your Ineffective AC Might Need A New Capacitor Or Contactor


When an AC unit fails, the problem may turn out to be a part that is surprisingly inexpensive. After your AC unit is five years old or older, you may even wish to purchase these parts before they even need to be replaced so that these parts do not fail and cause you to be without your air conditioner for awhile. Two parts that often need to be replaced are the capacitor and contactor.

7 August 2017

3 Tips For Buying Home Heating Oil This Winter


In order to get the best from your household in the winter months, you'll need to get your hands on the best home heating oil. This is a heating source that you can get delivered by a professional. Before you place an order, you will need to know a little bit more about the advantages of home heating oil and how you can make the right purchase. To learn about this process, think about the following suggestions.

27 July 2017

3 Ways To Reduce Your Cooling Costs This Summer


If you feel like your air conditioning bills are out of control, here are three ways that you can work to reduce your heating costs this summer. #1 Check The Location Of Your Thermostat First, check where your thermostat is located. If your thermostat is located somewhere where it is being hit with direct sunlight, this can mess up the reading on your thermostat. For your thermostat to work effectively, you want it to be away from windows and doors.

14 July 2017

Sensible Strategies For Designing Your Ducts


Air ducts are an essential part of an HVAC system. Some ducts are installed all over the place and can have a negative impact on the efficiency of your HVAC system. These ducts will also take up unnecessary space in your home. Therefore, it is important to understand the essentials of good HVAC design to prevent this from happening. Minimize Wasted Space One of the keys of great duct design is reducing the amount of space that the ductwork will take up.

27 June 2017

Tips For Updating Your Plumbing Fixtures


For many homeowners, remodeling their kitchen or bathroom often means making updates to the plumbing. Due to the importance of the plumbing, it is important that you understand what you should and should not do during the remodeling. To help get you started, here are a few do's and don'ts to keep in mind.   Do Know Your Plumbing Lines  Unless you are planning to completely rip out your home's plumbing and start over, take the time to learn everything you can about the existing plumbing lines.

13 June 2017

How To Properly Maintain Your Central Air Conditioning Unit


If you would like to make sure that your central air conditioning unit runs as well as it can for as long as it can, you will want to take the proper steps to maintain it. Do not make the mistake of assuming that it is going to be too much work. It will only take a little bit of time and will surely save you from a lot of frustration and lost money in the future.

25 May 2017

Help An Aging Furnace Make It Through One Last Winter


If your furnace has begun to show its age, you know replacing it is likely the best option. But replacing a furnace is not cheap! If you don't quite have the money for a new one yet, there are some ways you can help your struggling furnace make it through one last winter with a lower risk of breakdowns. Change the filter. If you don't have a brand new air filter in your furnace, take the time to buy one.

13 April 2017